One of the funniest scenes from “Freaks and Geeks” involves a re-enactment of a prank phone call that Bill makes to his hated gym teacher, Coach Fredericks.  Bill is fed up with the geeks always being picked last and never getting the chance to play anything but way out in right field during gym class softball. As Bill laments, “Maybe we’re actually good at softball – but we’ll never know if we never get the chance to try.”

Not being able to contain his frustration, he steals a staff phone directory and prank calls Coach Fredericks. “You love to pat boys butts. Butt patter.”

The coach decides that he’ll have his own version of an audio line-up as one by one the students are asked to read the transcript of the prank call so that he can identify the culprit.  Check out this hilarious clip:

Bill is busted, but it provides the opportunity for an honest conversation and actual change in the gym class – and a fantastic celebration for all of the gym class rejects!
Bill Haverchuck is the prototype geek and is played to perfection by Martin Starr.  Watching the show, it’s amazing to discover that Martin is actually nothing like Bill!  I sure do love the character he’s created, though. And I hope you like my caricature of that character: