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Monthly Archives: February 2017

I’m not even sure what reminded me about this blog that I created about 6 years ago (and haven’t added to for 5 years), but here I am again. I figured it might be fun to dive back into some thoughts on my caricature work. ┬áNo promises about keeping this up…

This past January, I decided to return to the daily discipline of drawing by joining with other caricature artists and participating in the “Caricature Resolution 2017”. On the Facebook page that was created is the following description:

January 2017: one caricature a day!! Caricature artist Patrick Martinez was really inspired during #Inktober with the concept of doing a drawing a day for a whole month. It got him thinking why not do it with caricature? So here it is #Caricatureresolution2017

In the month of January we will attempt to draw a caricature a day! We encourage others to join and participate at your own risk! Patrick had a lot of fun making this list, each actor was in a movie with the previous listed (except for the last three).

If you’re not a fan of this list feel free to make your own. We’re hoping others will join in on the fun and tag their work #Caricatureresolution2017 so we can collectively check out our work as a group!

If you’re like us and actually want to do more art and complain about there not being enough fun projects then put your rear into gear and let’s do this 2017!

It was a fun challenge to take on and I was pleased with most of my caricatures. Here’s a compilation of a month’s work.

CR17 compilation.jpg

I’ve already made plans to do another month-long daily caricature challenge in March. I’ll try to post them here as well as on Facebook and my Instagram.